Joyce Lee’s Mom Takes on Muni

Poet and artist Joyce Lee is a force to reckon with, and if you have ever seen her perform (at the amazing monthly Tourettes Without Regrets in Oakland, for example), you know I’m right. But did you know Joyce’s mother is also an incredible force on her own? At the last Muni Diaries Live, Joyce talked about one memorable Muni ride with her impeccably dressed mother and a bunch of kids who didn’t know who they were dealing with.

I first saw Joyce at the Tourettes Without Regrets’ 10th anniversary show, where she knocked my socks off with her poem, “Crazy:”

“I’m only as crazy as my love is. And my love checks your Facebook every fucking day.”

Joyce has an upcoming poetry CD/DVD, her first professionally produced CD/DVD. She’s also got a Kickstarter page to help get the CD/DVD produced, so check it out if you liked what you heard!

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  • Reginald Bowden

    I enjoy this story about you mother, she is a real southern bell. My name is Reggie and she is my girl. (smile) Do hate the player, hate the game.

    Love Reggie

    P.S. You are good

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