Muni in song: ‘Rendezvous on the 22’

Dancing on a Bus
Photo by Jack Lukic

The multi-talented Heather (she of our Fast Pass card holder fame) sent us this track. It’s her old band, The Old-Fashioned Way, singing about (what else?) the 22-Fillmore.

Specifically, this song, “Rendezvous on the 22,” is about how the lead singer met his girlfriend on the 22. We love stories of love at first sight aboard Muni, we do. Put to song, even better.

A tease:

“i walk block by block
walking is no longer a thought
whoa whoa whoa

if i make it there some way
a lousy no good fare i paid”

Rendezvous on the 22

Lyrics by C. Wu.

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