Clipper Card citation nightmare

For your safety.
Photo by Michela

Rebecca recently had a terrible experience with Clipper. Unheard of, right? She’s hoping to find others who’ve experienced something similar in hopes of bolstering her case against getting ticketed.

I live in the East Bay and take BART into work regularly, but I take Muni only rarely. However, I purchased 10-ride ticket for my Clipper Card about six months ago because I do take Muni on occasion.

One night last month I stayed in San Francisco after work for an event, and I decided to take Muni to Embarcadero BART. I got on at 3rd and King, and tagged my card to the reader at the middle door. It beeped and I sat down. When I got off at Embarcadero, a transit officer stopped me and asked to check my Clipper Card. I was stunned when she said that the last time I had tagged in was that morning at El Cerrito del Norte BART. She did not have a record of me tagging out at 16th and Mission that morning, or tagging on at 3rd and King.

I did nothing illegal here besides use the damn card that they are asking us to use. For heaven’s sake, I have more than $200 in general funds on that Clipper Card, *plus* seven rides of a ten ride muni ticket — why would I cheat? But my protest was denied and so I’m going in for a in-person hearing.

Has this happened to you? If so, let us or Rebecca know.

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