BMW Makes Over BART. No, Seriously.

Empty BART
Photo by Timothy Wells

Say goodbye to the fecal-stained seats of BART and say hello to BMW, who will make over BART. No, really. Check out this report by CNet.

BMW’s DesignworksUSA announced a contract to design future trains for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), the commuter rail system serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The contract calls for DesignworksUSA to design the exterior, interior, and train operator controls.

The current trains on the BART system, despite their streamlined look, are actually the oldest fleet of commuter rail cars in the country. The rail system uses a broad gauge rather than the standard gauge of most rail in the U.S., so cars must be custom-designed.

(also see BART’s official announcement)

Since the project won’t be completed until 2017, I hope there’s time for me to suggest some interior improvements. How about some of that supple buttery leather and titanium trim? But then again, features like “rear seat entertainment” could have a whole different meaning when it comes to BART…

Hat tip: BART Don’t Lie

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