Update: Semi vs. Muni — Were You There?

Photo by @mikepreuss

Update (2:17 p.m.): More from our eyewitness and picture-taker: these vehicles were definitely touching and not moving at the time this photo was snapped, he says. Geographic location — and a commenter below — indicates that something’s directionally amiss. Still wondering what happened if anyone knows.

Rider @mikepreuss witnessed an accident between the 30-Stockton and a semi a little after midnight Friday morning. This looks to be around Chestnut and Pierce. Were you on this bus or near the scene? Let us know what you saw. Hope everyone was okay.


  • JC

    Spot on in terms of location, it’s on Chestnut looking East between Pierce and Steiner. Which means both vehicles are in the wrong lane(s)…

  • Sara

    Muni spokesman is saying there’s no record of such an incident occurring. ?

  • eugenia

    I suppose just because there is no record, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen? We’re just presenting a photo sent in by an eye witness. Let us know if you have other information?

  • Sara

    Yeah, all I know is that I called Paul Rose about it this morning, and he hadn’t heard of it, but checked it out. He saw the photo on Muni Diaries but couldn’t find any record of any incident like that last night. He said collisions generally would have to be reported, so there should be a record. He seemed mystified. *shrug* His only thought, and it was pure speculation, is that maybe there wasn’t any actual impact between the two vehicles, and it was a near miss? But I really don’t know, and neither did he.

  • Muni Trainee

    It looks like the truck is making a delivery and the bus is driving pass really close because the electric poles on the trolley bus can only reach so far.

    • Maxi Slate

      I agree with you on that. It looks like the poles are on the wires and the coach had to be within inches of the truck to not lose them. If I were the operator, I would have dropped and hooked the poles, and use EPU to go around the truck, put the poles back up, and continue into service.

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