Slide for Commuters


Dutch train passengers at the Overvecht Station can slide down into the train station if they’re late or just bored. Amy of Tiny Rides tipped us off to this fun bit of news from Holland, where this ‘transfer accelerator’ (slide) had been installed as “an alternative to stairs.” has a video of a passenger sliding down to the train station.

I was expected the landing to be a little softer, but hey, it does look fun. Just imagine the liability issues if Muni installed a slide down to Powell station. I am guessing that we’ll have to go to Holland to slide into our commute.


  • Zach

    Just imagine the odor issues if Muni installed a slide down to Powell station…

  • Rich

    Public transit slides in SF would be no bueno. They’d end up being public urinals and I’m sure MUNI would construct them with a 4 foot gap at the bottom to break tailbones.

  • CollagenTom

    Would just be another conduit for dog feces.
    People would insist on bringing their pets down the slide. Nervous dogs would urinate and the slide would just get slicker.

  • Tofu

    So cool, but it would never work in San Francisco. We just can’t have nice things. Even if you live alone, in the public sphere we always live with roommates in San Francisco — very bad roommates.

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