‘Handicapped’ rider etiquette

Image: davitydave

From Muni rider and Giftly Marketing Director Nish:

My experience on the 14-Mission bus this morning: I hobble on with my crutches and it’s a super-crowded squalor of a ride. No seats for me until some punk kid goes, ‘Dawgs better get your asses up, this dude is handicapped.’ Yes, I am finally someone!

Sometimes, the unlikeliest of seat angels (on a 14-Mission, no less), will back you up when no one else will.

A reminder to be kind to your “handicapped” rider pals, dawgs.


  • Kate

    That is really sweet.

  • Sam

    That’s nice! It does irk me when people don’t get up for handicapped and elderly people.

  • prunella

    I am often stunned how people don’t move for the elderly, parents with small children, or people with mobile hindrances. We’re all in this together kids!

    Glad to hear that “punk kid” has his priorities straight! At least at the moment.

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