• prunella

    My “hate” has to be drivers with a surreal lead foot—those that operate the busses as if on a switch, not a continuum (not slow/accelerate, but stop/go).

    I discovered one of the more extreme examples on one fateful crowded ride (the outbound 27 around 4:20 in the afternoon). I was standing toward the front of the bus; the driver accelerated so abruptly I ended up doing a crazy kind of a pole dance, swinging around ripping my skirt and literally nearly planting my head into this lovely elderly gentleman’s lap. Mortified, I was somewhat redeemed when at the next intersection, I heard, from the back of the bus, a loud “thunk” and a yelp from some poor lass, who apparently wasn’t quite as lucky to catch herself.

    One harried older woman commented as she left the bus “You’re going to break someone!”. The driver just sneered at her, and stepped on the ‘go’ pedal.

    • Dexter Wong

      That’s the kind of bus driver that Bob Newhart made fun of in his “Bus Driver’s School” routine from his Button-Down Mind album of long ago.

  • I LOVE that Muni can take me anywhere in the city! Whenever I’m traveling, I always think “lets just take the bus” and have been let down 99% of the time! (exceptions: Sydney, Australia & Boston, MA)

  • I “hate” how reckless the drivers can be. I’ve had drivers speed up quickly only to slam on the breaks hard in between stops on the 18. I’ve had drivers that don’t seem to understand how to break when they pump the breaks on the NX, causing the bus and everyone on it to lurch forward 5-6 when they are trying to stop. Seriously MUNI drivers, you need driving lessons. Though, considering some of them don’t have valid licenses, I am not surprised.

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