Muni Permission Slip

Muni rider Erick’s got a great story.

A friend of my recently had trouble with his Clipper card while trying to enter Muni Metro at Church St. Station. After the initial attitude the station agent gave him as the card continued not to function, and after explaining to her that the card had a Fast Pass on it, she looked him up and down and told him, “You dont look like the type that would lie to me,” wrote him the very kind Muni Permission Slip above, and let him enter. If only all the station agents we so kind…

Here’s the text of the permission slip:

Agent Williams
at Church
Please allowed [sic] patron to ride until he can exchange his pass. His pass is valid for August 2011. It’s Hard to Read.

No expiration date, eh?

This reminds us of the Muni Doctor’s Notes written for passengers during a delay once upon a time.

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