Weekend Photos: BART Edition

Space Station 5
Photo by Jef Poskanzer

Remember what BART looks like when it’s not packed with protesters and riot police? Yeah, me neither. Local coverage of the protests has been comprehensive — check out SF Appeal’s round up. What are people outside of San Francisco saying about it? Here’s a good dose of BART news making national headlines.

  • Talk of the Nation episode all about new technology and free speech (NPR)
  • Anonymous to BART: We Hack, We Organize, Too (The New York Times)
  • Three Security Lessons From BART Anonymous Breach (Information Week)
  • FCC Reviews SF Subway Cell Shutdown (CNET)
  • Phone Cutoff Stirs Worry About Limit on Speech (Wall Street Journal)
  • San Francisco BART leak highlights hackers ethics split (Washington Post)
  • An oldie but still ok: Time Magazine’s Most Memorable Hacking Moments (Time)

The events of the last week and a half certainly provide an interesting and important discussion on technology, the law, and our expectations and rights. But the conversation seems to have gotten pretty far away from the shootings, the catalyst of it all.

I’m going to the mountains for a few days, but I’ll be back with three fun things to do next Friday!

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Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

MUNI BART - Market & 4th - San Francisco
Photo by Zac Bowling

Photo by Ingmar Zahorsky

BART blur
Photo by Joshua Gatts

Powell Bart station
Photo by neutralSurface

BART pilot
Photo by Joshua Gatts

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