Before and After Muni Sightings with OldSF

Jeff and I fell down the rabbit hole again and found some photos of Muni in the old days. The photo of Cala Foods above is the site of an old cable car barn near California and Hyde. We found a lot more before and after photos where Muni makes a cameo. A closeup of the old building on California and Hyde:

The superintendent checks out the fleet in the barn.

We found some more examples — see if you can spot some familiar landmarks.

At Embarcadero and Market today:

Embarcadero and Market in 1954:

Or how about this, on Fifth and Mission?


Fifth and Mission in 1955:

We have a ton of old timey Muni ephemera over at Muni Time Capsule too. Check it out or share your own story and photos in the time capsule with us.


  • Octoferret

    The first Street View picture is looking in the wrong direction, the California & Hyde cable car barn was at the southwest corner of the intersection, where Cala is

  • Hi. Actually, your top picture, at California and Hyde, isn’t a match. The old picture is of the southwest corner (where Cala Foods is now, occupying both the old California Street Cable Railway Co. powerhouse and car barn on California AND Hyde, and the turreted building you show nestled in between the two parts of the carbarn on the corner.

    The new picture is of the Northeast corner. Back in the day those two turreted buildings catty-corner across the intersection from each other must have been interesting.

    Great shots, though.

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