David Chiu vs Volunteers in Transit Race (w/results)

David Chiu and Chiubacca in Dolores Park

Update (10:05 a.m.): And the results are in, per @DavidChiu:

Final #SFTransitRace order: 1) David, Bicycle, 10min | 2) Cab-$8 21min | 3) Car-$10 parking 22min 4) Underground #Muni 25min | 5) Streetcar 30min 6) Walking 35 minutes.#SFMayor

Muni, fourth place? Ah, we’ll take it. At least we beat … walking.

Original post: Mayoral candidate David Chiu is set to race four of his volunteers and his campaign mascot “Chiubacca” this morning at 9 a.m. to see what’s fastest: bike, underground Muni, street car Muni, taxi, or walking. The press release said that the race starts at the Polk steps of City Hall and ends at the Ferry Building. Chiu will be on his bicycle, but it wasn’t clear whether Chiubacca will be taking Muni, so if you’re on transit and you spot the furry political beast, tweet at us and let us know.

The campaign staff says that Chiu is a regular cyclist, but even if he weren’t, it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win this race, right? Unless Chiubacca decides to get on a motorcycle, Chiu’s probably going to be waiting at the Ferry Building for the Muni-taking volunteers.


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