Act of Kindness on the 3-Jackson

thank you, eugenia
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100 Muni StoriesFrustuck shares this heart-warming tale. As much as it can bring out the worst in people, sometimes, Muni brings out the best, too.

I am unemployed and living without an income. While I am scrambling to find work, I am trying to stay current by going to workshops. Everyone everywhere wants me to be proficient in Microsoft Excel. I managed to get into a highly coveted workshop on the subject that was scheduled to be six afternoons long. September 7 was the first class. It started at 1:30.

The day before was horrific for me for a variety of reasons. I cried most of the day. I decided to try to get some extra sleep before the workshop on the 7th. I set my alarm clock for 12. My alarm clock thought I meant midnight. I woke up very well-slept at 12:23. I jammed out the door and got to the workshop five minutes late. They would not let me in.

I was flooded with tears on my way back home on the 3-Jackson. The whole bus saw me crying. Bless their hearts, some people even asked me if I was okay. I apologized and told them I would be fine, but I could not stop crying. I really needed that workshop, and I was emotionally hungover from the previous day. I really, really wanted my mommy.

On her way to the back door, a tall, thin, elegant, white-haired woman put her hand on my shoulder, got up very close to my face and whispered, “I hope it gets better.” I thanked her profusely and she got off the bus.

Two minutes later I looked down and noticed that there were two $20 bills in my lap.

I went to Trader Joe’s. I bought spinach and cheese and bread and yogurt and coffee and half-and-half. All of it will be delicious, but even more so because of that woman’s kindness.

What random acts of kindness have you seen on Muni lately? Share them on Muni Diaries.

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