Poop-cleaning neighbors still need Muni’s help

muni poop cleaning

The management at the apartment building at Post and Leavenworth has gone above and beyond in keeping their block nice and not-too-smelly, extending even to the Muni stop in front of the building. But when the Muni stop poop bandit hits your block, it’s just all too much. Here is their PSA sign that doubles as a cry for help.

Muni: We cleaned the seat (poop) as best we could. Please sanitize the seat and concrete – it smells. Thank you!

Hey 311, help a neighbor out.

Oh, and guess who helped me spot this sign? Driver Doug, who happened to be driving the 3-Jackson on my morning commute today!

3-Jackson, 12-Folsom on Muni’s chopping block

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Put your public-process hat on, ’cause it’s time to know stuff.

This little story, like many these days, starts on Facebook. Maria posted this on the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

Hey, just got off of 3 Jackson and I saw a notice that said that 3 Jackson was being eliminated from the entire muni system and that there is a petition to save 3 Jackson. Does anyone know what muni document says that 3 Jackson’s being eliminated?


And we were all HWWWWA? Our social channels had nil on it until this point, and I thought, surely, some ire-laced vitriol wrapped in all-caps would’ve wandered our way if this was truth.
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“Sorry About the Dog Shit Thing on Muni This Morning”

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@thrifteye found a very sincere letter from a passenger on Muni via Craigslist.

Sorry for smelling like dog shit on the bus – m4w – 25 (financial district)

Date: 2012-07-19, 9:39AM PDT

To everybody that was riding the 2 (or was it the 3?) bus inbound to the Financial District on Thursday, July 19 (around 8:30 a.m.)

I sincerely apologize for potentially getting dog shit on you. It wasn’t my intention.

Let me explain: I walked to the bus stop, like I do every morning. Typically, my eyes are focused on avoiding bikers and homeless people.Now, I know that I must add shit to this list, because apparently, I stepped in it.

When I sat down on the bus, I crossed my legs, like I usually do. When people cross their legs, the bottom of their shoes usually touches their pants leg. It’s only natural, you guys. Unfortunately, on this day, the bottom of my shoe had shit on it.

To the pretty blonde girl I was sitting next to: I think I might have gotten some of the poo on ya. Sorry about that.

To the guy on the other side in the Yankees hat: I might have gotten doo-doo on you too. Again, my sincere apologies.

To everybody else on the bus, let’s be clear- I did not shit myself. I see a lot of you every morning and would appreciate it if I wasn’t known as “the guy that might have shit himself that one morning.”

And lastly, to whoever let their dog take a dump on the sidewalk without cleaning it up- F you, buddy.

Act of Kindness on the 3-Jackson

thank you, eugenia
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100 Muni StoriesFrustuck shares this heart-warming tale. As much as it can bring out the worst in people, sometimes, Muni brings out the best, too.

I am unemployed and living without an income. While I am scrambling to find work, I am trying to stay current by going to workshops. Everyone everywhere wants me to be proficient in Microsoft Excel. I managed to get into a highly coveted workshop on the subject that was scheduled to be six afternoons long. September 7 was the first class. It started at 1:30.

The day before was horrific for me for a variety of reasons. I cried most of the day. I decided to try to get some extra sleep before the workshop on the 7th. I set my alarm clock for 12. My alarm clock thought I meant midnight. I woke up very well-slept at 12:23. I jammed out the door and got to the workshop five minutes late. They would not let me in.

I was flooded with tears on my way back home on the 3-Jackson. The whole bus saw me crying. Bless their hearts, some people even asked me if I was okay. I apologized and told them I would be fine, but I could not stop crying. I really needed that workshop, and I was emotionally hungover from the previous day. I really, really wanted my mommy.

On her way to the back door, a tall, thin, elegant, white-haired woman put her hand on my shoulder, got up very close to my face and whispered, “I hope it gets better.” I thanked her profusely and she got off the bus.

Two minutes later I looked down and noticed that there were two $20 bills in my lap.

I went to Trader Joe’s. I bought spinach and cheese and bread and yogurt and coffee and half-and-half. All of it will be delicious, but even more so because of that woman’s kindness.

What random acts of kindness have you seen on Muni lately? Share them on Muni Diaries.

Watch out for that building, Muni (update)


Update: SFWeekly reports:  Union: Barring Mechanical Failure, Driver of Crashed Muni Training Coach Likely to be Fired

Update (3:04 p.m.): SF Appeal has the update on the 3-Jackson crash.

Original post: Another bad day for Muni saw two vehicles collide on Market earlier this morning. And now, via Action News SF, reports and photos of a bus crashing into a building on Laguna near Sutter. Must’ve been either a 3-Jackson or 4-Sutter, right? We’ll update once we know more.