Amazemagismic or Awful? Write Your Own Muni Review and Win $100

Outbound train
Photo by Charles Nadeau

What do YOU think of your Muni line? Write your wittiest, most entertaining review of a Muni line on the Muni Google Places page. We have five prizes to give out to the funniest reviews, like this one that we just saw on the Muni Google Places page:

“The 27-Bryant is an amazemagasmic 5-star experience. For a paltry $2 cover charge you get non-stop entertainment for your many-stop trip from the TL crazies to the outer Mission crazies. Live poultry? Done! Mysterious smells and ownerless toddlers? Done! Ranting dude in a wheelchair going only 2 stops and then after deboarding gets up and walks around thanks to the MIRACLE OF MUNI? Done! Muni needs to have a full bar in the back of every bus, and then I’ll never leave.”

Ah, the miracle of Muni. You heard it here first.

Use the hashtag #munidiaries to let us know you want your review considered for the contest.

Muni Review Contest on Google Places
Where: Muni on Google Places
How: Write your wittiest review of a Muni line, using #munidiaries to enter the contest
Prize: Top prize: $100 to Hog and Rocks and see your review performed on stage by Anna Conda. We also have $50 gift certificates for four more reviewers so start mouthing off today!

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