Muni Bus for Sale

Got a spare $12K laying around? If you do, check out this steal: a 1969 GMC Fishbowl New Look bus with a rad orange Muni paint job is up for auction on eBay. You read that right: There’s a Muni bus for sale. We’ve told you about New Look buses on Muni Time Capsule before. Check out that post if you’re thinking about making a bid.

This isn’t the first bus on sale — the guys at SFist spotted another bus for sale last year. We’ve also seen a Muni fare box for sale on Craigslist. If you’re the one who bought that fare box, why not buy a bus to keep it company? Or maybe this is perfect for the kind of person who’d buy a Muni shelter?

We’ll do our best to keep up with the auction and get in touch with the winning bidder.


  • Bring these buses back and get rid of the current ones!

  • Tofu St. John via Facebook

    I think a few should be restored and put into regular service for the retro appeal. Bring back the 7 Haight and only use old, restored buses.

  • Dexter Wong

    I’m surprised that the gang at NorCal Bus Fans haven’t noticed yet. This might be right up their alley!vegsti

  • Paul Sullivan

    Mmm, the 7 Haight was a trolley bus line, not a diesel…

  • George

    It is sad 2 see old vintage buses not getting the same public appeal as say streetcars, cable cars, or trains. If I had the room & money, I’d purchase it. It is a hobby though one needs a little deep pockets 4 though!

  • George Gong

    There are efforts by SFMTA to restore a few more vintage buses though tempered of course based on donated money & volunteer time of the Muni Mechanics. Last heard the Mack & Nee Look Flixible are the next 2 in the restoration list! Hopefully by the next Heritage Weekend Festival we’ll get to see another vintage bus back in service!

  • George Gong

    Sadly requirements for vintage bus service would be prohibitive due to ADA laws. I wonder how New York does it though during their Holiday Season service.

  • Henry Larry

    The idea of owning a piece of San Franciscos transit history is too intriguing to pass up. This Muni bus auction is a golden opportunity for someone looking to add a dash of retro charm to their collection or even convert it into a unique living space.
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