How to Pick Up Chicks on Muni

Muni has already been voted as the best place to meet singles, so it was fitting that put together a handy guide of “Picking Up Women on Public Transit” for all the dudes out there who are too busy to go to bars and clubs. Muni has also been the training ground for pickup artists a little while ago when that awful book was still hot. So let’s see what the dating experts have to say about getting flirty during your commute.

The gurus at recognize that every guy is milliseconds away from being a creep, so most importantly, the guide suggests:

On public transport, it is imperative that you initiate a conversation as soon as the proximity is socially acceptable (for example, when she sits down beside you, you stand beside her). Wait any longer and you’ll come off as a creepy stranger who’s been silently plotting your move for the past five minutes.

You should also have your opening line ready once you approach her. As such:

Essentially, there are three types of opening lines you could use on public transport: situational remarks (“I can’t believe the bus is actually on time for once”), specific compliments (“Nice bag. Where did you get it?”), or something bold and totally out of the blue.

Dudes of San Francisco, may I also suggest, “We should totally tweet about this Muni ride to Muni Diaries.” Try it. It totally works.

Gents, what’s your pickup technique on transit, and ladies, what’s the best overheard pickup line on Muni?


  • Tom

    epic blown-back hair guy! i see him get off at montgomery station all the time.

  • Deseray Sassafrass Thomas via Facebook

    I don’t mind transit pickups as long as they are cool, cute and classy. The guy who used his cell phone camera to take pictures up my skirt on a very crowded N Judah train was not any of that. This was after he kept purposefully falling into me and grabbing me (particularly my butt) and then apologizing profusely when I gave him a dirty look. I took his phone from his hands and threw it to the floor and it shattered. Ooops!

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