Phil Ting’s Muni Survival Kit

Mayoral candidate Phil Ting and his Reset SF team came up with this Muni survival kit with their version of essentials. Just one problem, though: how will you eavesdrop on all the great conversations that you can tweet at us if you’re wearing those headphones? Better put them on and pretend you’re listening to music while tweeting madly.

Read about what Ting and other mayoral candidates proposes to do with Muni if they’re elected in our mayoral candidate roundup.


  • wotten wayne wong

    Excellent idea, the Phil Ting’s Muni Survival Kit, although having to stow cash to back-up Clipper Card makes me a tad nervous. I prefer to think the Clipper’s half loaded.

  • Pretty clever, this Muni Survival Kit assembled by Phil Ting and ResetSF: I like most of its contents even if its call for cash to back up Clipper Card in case of malfunction makes me a tad nervous. I try to be optimistic and therefore think Clipper Card’s always half able to work. : )

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