Examiner: Muni runs over cyclist’s arm, drives off

Muni articulating bus
Photo by Frank Farm

Last week near the intersection of Columbus and Broadway, a cyclist moved to avoid a double-parked car. She was then struck by a Muni bus and knocked down. The cyclist and her attorney told the Examiner that the bus then ran over her arm, and drove away.

According to the SF Examiner:

[Laila] Brenner’s bike crashed to the ground, and the back right tire of the bus rolled over and crushed her arm, her attorney Doug Saeltzer said. While Brenner lay injured, the 8X-Bayshore Express then sped off.

SFMTA claims that the driver might not have realized that the bus had run over the woman’s arm because it was an articulated bus, and the impact to the rear section might not have been felt in front.

SFPD and SFMTA are investigating the incident.

Read more at SF Examiner.


  • Mikesonn via Facebook

    The real problem is the double parker that forced the cyclist out into traffic. Double-parking is rampant and there is zero enforcement. It not only puts cyclists at risk but also slows Muni to a crawl (Stockton being a great example, but every Muni line deals with this).

  • Judy Hitzeman via Facebook

    Not only double-parking but parking in bike lanes that are right by the curb in a no-parking zone. I deal with that on the Embarcadero all the time; a very dangerous situation.

  • Double-parking (to varying lengths of time and annoyances) doesn’t make urban transit in all modes any safer. But how to fix that problem?

  • Mikesonn via Facebook

    Cameras on Muni, at least clear the bus only lanes. Then maybe it’ll show the city is serious about double parking, blocking ROW, etc and it’ll translate into better adherence city-wide.

  • MD editor Jeff does the bike vs. cab, bike vs. random car thing daily on Embarcadero. Even on the widest “walk on me!” street, there still doesn’t appear to be room for everyone, give the way some treat the road.

  • Judy Hitzeman via Facebook

    I believe a few years back the city cracked down on the double-parked cars on the California line and the on-time rate improved considerably. But I do not know whether they are still doing that. I find when riding my bike that if I am predictable (signalling my intent, etc), most drivers, even taxi and Muni drivers, are courteous. It’s the confused tourists that you have to watch out for.

  • Judy Hitzeman via Facebook

    However, the Embarcadero is a prime place for separated bikeways.

  • Deseray

    How is it possible for the driver to hit a person to the point of knocking them over and not know they did that? I would say if that is possible they need new buses that you can feel, and apparently see! I could see if this were a train and it were not the front car or something like that. Also, double parking is the bane of my existence. Everyone feels their reason for double parking is a good reason when it is not a good reason, the city should make it legal for a person with a temporary permit to conduct business or a business vehicle to double park within business hours. Then, actually enforcing this would be good too! Screw you people with your sense of entitlement that running in to pick up your coffee is a reason to double park!

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