Passenger’s Escape to Jail on Muni

escape to jail on muni
Photo by hithisisjeff

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, hithisisjeff on Instagram sent us this story of an out-of-control Muni passenger:

Latergram from yesterday’s commute: This guy, after realizing he’d missed his stop, was so disruptive our Muni 8X driver had to stop on 101 South for safety reasons. Dude then starts climbing into the front seat with the driver. Passengers are freaking and some nearby start to intervene. I think the guy slips out of the driver-side window. I’m in back and get this shot. Ironically, he’s running straight toward SF Jail.

Whoa. Driver-side window?! If you were on the same ride, let us know what you saw!

FTA Awards Muni with $21.4 Million

Photo by THE Holy Hand Grenade!

Streetsblog SF reports that the SFMTA, which runs Muni, has been awarded $21.4 million to upgrade its fleet with new buses, and make improvements to a specific route.

From Streetsblog’s report:

Muni, which has the oldest transit fleet in the nation, will be able to replace 18 twenty-year-old buses with low-floor, biodiesel hybrid buses using the $15 million State of Good Repair grant, according to a news release. Another $6.4 million, which comes from the Livability grant, will be used for these improvements along the 8x Bayshore Express line as part of the 8x Mobility Maximization project:

  • Coloring of existing dedicated transit lanes;
  • Transit signal priority;
  • Pre-payment fare collection;
  • Information panel and transit arrival prediction signs;
  • Vehicle branding and enhanced stop identification; and
  • Cameras on buses to capture vehicles illegally occupying transit-only lanes.

Overall, Bay Area transit agencies fared well, also. In addition to Muni’s take, BART, AC Transit, SamTrans, and the Valley Transportation Authority are set to receive a total of $45.7 million for transit improvements.

Read more at Streetsblog SF.

30-Stockton and 45-Union/Stockton Reroute to Last Four Years

Temporary Digs
Photo by Jamison Wieser

Muni Diaries has learned that the 30-Stockton and 45-Union/Stockton will be rerouted in the Union Square area beginning next month due to Central Subway construction. The reroutes will last “approximately four years.” A temporary shuttle will be implemented for the 8 routes.

From the SFMTA:

[A]s of Jan. 21 the 30 Stockton and 45 Union-Stockton Muni routes will be rerouted from Stockton and 4th streets to Mason and 5th streets for the duration of Central Subway construction around Union Square, approximately four years. A temporary 8 Shuttle route will be in place between Broadway and Kearny Street and SoMa to ensure sufficient downtown capacity on the 8X Bayshore bus routes.

The 30 and 45 routes use trolley buses that require an overhead catenary wire system to power the vehicles. As construction advances for the Central Subway Union Square utility relocation and station construction, these routes must be modified to accommodate the construction activity along Stockton Street. More flexible motor buses are used for the 8X routes and will be used for the 8 Shuttle that will continue to operate down Stockton Street during peak service hours until later in the construction schedule.

Central Subway Transit Impacts
30 Stockton and 45 Union-Stockton Reroute
Southbound buses travelling to 3rd and Townsend streets will be rerouted onto Sutter Street, then south on Mason Street, east on Market Street and south on 5th Street.
Northbound buses will remain on their regular route.

8 Shuttle Service
The 8 Shuttle will operate seven days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
The shuttle route will begin at Kearny and Pacific then left on Broadway, left onto Stockton Street, cross Market Street onto 4th Street, turn left onto Folsom Street and left on 3rd Street.
The terminal for the Chinatown Shuttle will be at Kearny and Pacific.

The 8X/8AX/8BX Bayshore buses will maintain their current routes, according to the agency. The lines “will be rerouted at a later date to accommodate additional construction activity.”

Examiner: Muni runs over cyclist’s arm, drives off

Muni articulating bus
Photo by Frank Farm

Last week near the intersection of Columbus and Broadway, a cyclist moved to avoid a double-parked car. She was then struck by a Muni bus and knocked down. The cyclist and her attorney told the Examiner that the bus then ran over her arm, and drove away.

According to the SF Examiner:

[Laila] Brenner’s bike crashed to the ground, and the back right tire of the bus rolled over and crushed her arm, her attorney Doug Saeltzer said. While Brenner lay injured, the 8X-Bayshore Express then sped off.

SFMTA claims that the driver might not have realized that the bus had run over the woman’s arm because it was an articulated bus, and the impact to the rear section might not have been felt in front.

SFPD and SFMTA are investigating the incident.

Read more at SF Examiner.

Violated on Muni

Smelly Feet
Photo by julesreyes

Have you ever been harassed on the bus? You’d think that after the Muni Humper, people would learn. Not so much. Recently we received a report from Stella, who found some really suspicious bad behavior on the 8X-Bayshore Express.

“I was sitting on the single seats on the 8X and a man got on the bus and held the pole next to my seat…the bus makes a small turn and the man leans toward me and brushes my arm with his hand. I mean this might be understandable if it was a wide turn and if we were going pretty fast, but the bus was not. The 8X is typically a crowded bus and as a non-confrontational person, I didn’t accuse him of anything just yet. So after that I turned my head in his direction and he was staring down at me.

He was a middle age bald man with a big gut wearing a blue polo shirt. He didn’t touch me again till the next small turn. He was clearly exaggerating the impact of the turn. I was fed up with this pervert. You may think I am over-reacting to this someone touching my arm on the bus, well this is not the worst I’ve experience or seen.

I’ve talked to people about this happening and they tell me not to start anything with the guy for my own safety in case he has a weapon or might follow me home. This infuriates me that I can’t do anything about it.”

Personal spaces might be tighter on the bus but that’s no excuse if this man is brushing against Stella on purpose.

Over the weekend I was on a fairly empty 49-Van Ness and a guy decided to sit next to me and promptly “fall asleep,” resting his arm on my hips several times. At first I wasn’t completely sure that he was doing this on purpose, but after the fourth time I had enough and got up to get to the next seat. Like Stella, I found it infuriating and frustrating.

I’ve read that in other countries there are women-only passenger cars just to prevent groping. Not that groping is limited to female victims alone.

Ladies (and gents), weigh in: Has this happened to you? If so, how do you deal with it?

Muni Fight Ends In Pepper Spray and a Bare Butt


My apologies in advance for the NSFW nature of this video. I don’t like it any more than you do, but then, it happened on Muni. Via SF Appeal, Dan McMenamin of Bay City News snapped two videos of a fight that broke out on Muni.

McMenamin told SFAppeal that a man and a woman started arguing on the 8X, the man poured some liquid on her, then :

“The woman who got poured on came back on the bus from another door then sprayed the guy with mace…he stumbles around as his pants start falling down. Eventually everyone on the bus had to clear out because the pepper spray spread.”

That’s why you’ll see a bare butt in the above video. Sorry. Come on guys, is this behavior really necessary?

Click over to SF Appeal to see how it all started.

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