New Vinyl BART Seats: Sooner Than You Think

127/365 | September 16, 2011
Photo by Galina

BART may be replacing those nasty fabric seats sooner than expected, the Bay Citizen reports. Earlier this year, we showed you some of the proposed BART seat and interior designs (BMW FTW!). Originally BART didn’t expect to complete the project until 2017 or 2018, but yesterday BART officials said that changes may come sooner than you think.

In a surprise announcement Thursday, BART officials said the transit agency is set to spend $1.3 million to order more than 5,000 padded vinyl seats that it will install in 100 BART cars in the next six to nine months.

So, no more fecal matter on the seats? I think we can all say yay to that.

The Bay Citizen has more details on the announcement.


  • paa

    Great news! I’ve repeatedly commented to BART that there’s no reason to wait to replace the foul cloth seats, so I take full credit for this development…

  • Paul J. Lucas

    Why spend the money on these cars when they’re preparing to replace the entire fleet with all new cars?

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