Starring Tonight: Anna Conda and Your Muni Review

Can you outwit your fellow Muni riders right onto Anna Conda’s lips? I hope you can. Because there are only a few hours left in our Google Places Muni Review contest. The first place review will be read on stage tomorrow night at the first Muni Diaries Reunion Show by our special guest: Anna Conda! Be there at 7 p.m. at the Elbo Room (Valencia and 17th) to hear all about it.

The first place review also gets a $100 gift certificate to Hog and Rocks. Mmm. Delicious ham and oysters. We also have four more $50 cash prizes to give away for your Google Places Muni review, so get to it!

It’s very easy:
1. Go to the SFMTA page on Google Places.
2. Click Write a Review.
3. Write your most entertaining take on a Muni line or on Muni in general. (You can’t select a Muni line on Google Places, so simply write in the review which line you’re referring to).
4. Add the #MuniDiaries hashtag at the end of your review.
5. Click Submit.

There. Fame, oysters, and money may soon be yours.

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