Eric’s Short Ode to the N-Judah

1053 at 17th & Market
Photo by Lee Carlson

Before I get to the juicy details of who gets $50 from Google Places and Muni Diaries, take a second to check out Lee’s picture featured in this post. Pretty.

Today’s winning Google Places review goes to Eric, whose short ode to the N-Judah gets right to the point:

The N-Judah is one of the rare SF muni lines that offer fun games to play during your ride. In the mornings you can play “Try to find a seat that doesn’t have an sleeping elderly person next to you,” The evening commute also offers “Twister but with no support to grab on to but your neighbors ponytail. And can’t forget the late night game of “Stab wounds and lost wallets.”


Eric wins $50 for his review, and you can too, by reviewing a Muni line on the SFMTA Google Places page. Our contest ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m. so get ready to write your review!

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