Winning Muni Review: Rolling it up on the 22

BAD 22 Fillmore
Photo by Salim

Our last winner of $50 from Google Places and Muni Diaries is scorpionturtle. Check out the winning review of the 22 and its…herbal properties:

The 22 line where you get a high just from riding the bus. While you can’t count on it to be on time or even show up at all, your bus driver to follow any of those annoying traffic signs like “stop” or your fellow riders to have washed in the last week you can count on get a contact high from being on the bus. Whether it’s the guys rolling blunts in the back, the reek of their clothes or the guys offer to sell you some you’re sure to be a friend of Mary Janes by the end of the ride even if you are an asthmatic grannie.

Scorpionturtle, email us to claim your prize!

If you’ve got more reviews of your Muni line, you can always meander over to Google Places.

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