Brag About Crime on Muni? Not a Good Idea

Cell Phones
Photo by Scallop Holden

You know that overheard conversations on Muni can be entertaining, but who knew it could solve crime? A savvy passenger who overheard a man on Muni bragging about stealing a cellphone and decided to do something about it, reports Bay City News on SFAppeal:

A man was arrested Wednesday for stealing a woman’s iPhone after a passenger on a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus overheard him bragging about the robbery.

The robbery occurred at 9:12 p.m. at a store in the 3200 block of 20th Ave. in the Stonestown Galleria.

A 24-year-old woman had her iPhone snatched out of her hand by a suspect who then ran out of the store along with another suspect, according to police at the department’s Taraval Station.

Shortly afterward, a passenger on a San Francisco Municipal Railway bus overheard the suspect bragging to a group of people on the bus about a robbery he had committed, police said. The passenger called police, who responded and stopped the bus and detained five people.

Sometimes I wear my headphones while riding Muni even though I’m not listening to music just to see what I can overhear. Occupational hazard? Maybe. But looks like it pays off! Click over to SFAppeal to read about what happened next.

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