Flying Projectile on Caltrain

This story was told to me by my friend Nadia.

I had a nice shopping day in San Francisco and was taking the train back to the South Bay with a work colleague one evening a few weeks ago. My friend and I were just chatting casually, at a pretty normal volume, when we heard some shushing from a group of teenagers behind us.

They couldn’t possibly be talking about us, right?

The next thing we knew, a piece of crumbled up paper flew past our heads in the air and landed right on my lap. I opened it and it said, “Can you please Shut The Fuck Up!”

We were in disbelief, and then another note, pretty much along the same lines as the previous one, shot through the air and landed on our laps.

Well, we went over to ask them if the notes were really necessary, then after a little going back and forth, let’s just say we ended up in different cars.

Flying notes. Being shushed by teenagers. Never a dull day in transit, I guess.

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  • RG-HMB

    Teenagers asking adults to be quiet? While I don’t approve of their method of communication, there is probably another side to this story.

  • New

    Oh the humanity!! Being asked to STFU so other people can ride in peace and quiet!

    But I’m sure you are ENTITLED to be as loud and obnoxious as you want because dammit you PAID TWO BUCKS to be on muni so you can DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT NOW…. right?

    When I was a child I would have had my rear-end spanked to high hell if I was loud and obnoxious in public. I guess parenting has fallen off these days and you didn’t get the memo on behaving in public?

    Good for these young people. I applaud them.

  • Jeremy Baker via Facebook

    You deserved it. Good for these young people, knowing proper behavior in public.

  • New

    oh ps sorry i mis-typed muni instead of caltrain, but the point still stands.

  • yomama

    Maybe it wasn’t the volume but the content…”Oh my god, me and Heather met these 2 guys Taylor and Mason, they were soooooooo cute we partied all night in the Marina and got really drunk and obnoxious..blah blah blah.

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