Halloween Or Just Another Day on Muni?

Is this Halloween or just another night on Muni? From rider Joey:

Halloween bus ride on Saturday night on the #2 Clement headed downtown. Unfortunately, I was trapped in a seat and unable to get in the shot. That girl in the foreground in the Ewok/Eskimo costume was from Minnesota and told us she had never ridden a bus before.

How much do we love a whole weekend of taking your costumes out for a ride? Be sure to send us your best Halloween photos on Muni!


  • Bill Mitchell

    Just got off a tram in downtown Vienna and was surprised at the number of costumed Austrians we encountered. No match for what you’ve documented in SF, but nough to think that, uh, HalloWien may be catching on in Wien.

  • Sari

    Hey that’s my friend Ashley in the foreground!! And we’re from Massachusetts not Minnasota! I actually have a pic of this too! Ha!

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