Weekend Photos: Everyday Surrealism

Photo by Shawn Clover

Are you putting your various costumes back in the storage closet? Not so fast. This weekend’s activities promise more opportunities to dress up, especially if you own anything Star Trek related or darkly Victorian.

Check out these three fun things to do this weekend.

  • Sci-Crawl. The first ever science crawl in the Mission encourages you to bring your nerd badge of honor out in force. Highlights include nerd speed dating at the Make-Out Room, a talk about the greatest science tattoos ever photographed, and opportunity to learn about the science behind chocolate and beer. Check the official Sci-Crawl site for details. Friday, Nov. 4, 6 p.m. in the Mission.
  • Shadowdance. A “darkly intense, heart-pounding journey into the silhouette of night.” Belly dancing, throat singing, industrial performance art, puppet shows, circus arts, angle grinding, and more that you just have to see for yourself. Featuring world-renown fusion belly dancers Rachel Brice and Ariellah. Saturday, Nov. 5, 8 p.m. Oakland Metro Opera House. 630 3rd Street, Oakland. Take BART there: 12th Street Station.
  • Dub Mission. The Elbo Room’s Sunday dub parties are legendary, and if you haven’t been to Dub Mission yet, DJ Sep and J Boogie’s got you covered this week. Sunday, Nov. 5, 9 p.m. Elbo Room. 647 Valencia Street. Take Muni there: 14, 33, 47, 49. BART: 16th Street station.

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

Days of My Life
Photo by Jason Flower

Photo by @theeraphoto via Tumblr

Photo by @faernworks via Instagram

Photo by @grahamcrackersf

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