Left You a Note on Muni

Among the stuff you find on the bus, notes are among the most telling. It’s kind of like reading someone’s diary. And who doesn’t love that? Here are some found notes we’ve seen from the recent past, like the “white whine” note, above.

This one is pretty cute. I wonder if they ever found each other.

Photo by Flickr user revger

At least the writer of this note said please.

“…and 4. Find my to-do list.”

Getting Ready For Summer

Monsters attack!

If you stumbled upon another quirky find on Muni, you know where to send it. Let’s be voyeurs together.

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  • Jim

    That’s a “white whine,” really? I’d view that more as a favor to the next set of Euros what use the room.

    NB: That place still has bedbugs, even after the name change due to the bedbug problem and the big $$$ settlements they had to pay out…

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