5 Reasons to Thank Muni (Really)

Thank You
Photo by Danny Howard

Usually when you say, “Thanks, Muni,” you’re probably saying it with as least a twinge of sarcasm. But today, in honor of Thanksgiving, here are our top five reasons to give thanks to Muni and its passengers, straight from your daily Muni ride.

1. Being the background to contagious, inexplicable laughter.

2. Having drivers who are patient enough to wait as we sprint toward the bus.

3. Being the vehicle for a Lady Gaga Poker Face sing-along.

4. Speaking of singing, lots of us are thankful for the singing driver who makes announcing the stops a daily entertainment.

5. Being the absolutely essential element in gorgeous photographs of San Francisco, like in this black and white photo gallery of Muni.

Got your own reasons? Let us know. We’re always thankful for your stories, comments, and photos, any day of the year.

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