Black Friday Sale: Fast-Pass Card Holders, T-Shirts 25% Off!

No, really, why don’t people just buy stuff online for this “holiday,” with jammies and heater on? Good thing your favorite website allows you to do just that.

So, the great news for you, your favorite San Franciscan, transit-lover, or all of the above: T-shirts and Clipper Card holders in the Muni Diaries Etsy store are now 25-percent off. No need to even type in a special code: prices are already adjusted for a limited time.

Support local artists and show your uber-San Francisconess this holiday season. Our Muni Diaries T-shirt is designed by New Skool’s Nate1, bearing an important message: long live the Fast Pass! Clipper Card holders — each featuring a 100-percent-real Fast Pass — are crafted by Heather L at Heathered.

Because as much as we all love to bag on Muni, we do love us some San Francisco.

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