Mx. Fix-It Saves the 12-Folsom (and Happy Hour)

Photo: Ian Fuller

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Blair stepped up and fixed the bus. No, you guys, they fixed the bus, saving happy hour and some 12-Folsom riders’ sanity.

Rider Blair teased us over on our Facebook Page with “I fixed the 12-Folsom tonight, where’s my cookie?” Well, here’s why I’m getting Blair cookies. Further proof that you should never, ever get between someone and their beer.

The handicapped ramp was stuck on the ground after someone had used it at the 14th and Folsom stop (FoodSlow) and the driver just sat there and called it in, instead of trying to fix it. I finally got up after 10 mins and said ‘did you try to fiddle with it or just stare at it’; he grunted he did not try to fix it. I went outside and looked it over and asked him a few questions, kicked and tugged. He FINALLY tried the button, nothing, I said wait, kicked and pulled again and sure enough…it moved back into place. Everyone was very happy that they did not have to wait for the next 12 (40 mins) and I told the bus driver to try and fix things himself next time. My GF called me out knowing I was headed to meet her and friends for happy hour and that stupid ramp was between me and beer.

We all know that Muni needs a lot of fixing. Have you ever pitched in? Like really fixed it? If so, you might get cookies, too. Spin us a yarn at


  • Colin

    Seriously, though, NOTHING comes between Blah and her beer.

  • Campbell

    Blair’s the best to be stuck on an island with! High Five!

  • Susan

    Congrats to this person!

    Last friday night we were taking the 30 back to the Marina after Union Square tree lighting festivities….. as we turned the corner from North Point to Van Ness, the bars to the overhead wires clunked down… the driver got out, half heartedly tryed to reattach, then pulled forward to the stop and told us he was “out of service” REALLY? at 10:30 at night? No options, next bus in 15 minutes? He wouldn’t even TRY again … after being asked nicely by a few other passengers. He just kicked us off, closed the door, and sat there on his cell phone. LOVE the service level! Spent $15 on a cab to get the rest of the way home.

  • thuglifecrunk187

    cool story, hansel.

  • Contender for new favorite Muni Diaries tale. Gold star!

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