Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits on Muni: Vinyl Record Edition


Following a magical* World Series game, Tara and I magically* got to Second and Harrison just as the 12-Folsom was turning and about to pick up us and a half-dozen other elated baseball fans*.

I tend to board and head straight for the back row on empty or empty-ish buses like this one. Distracted by a bag of half-eaten fruit on the floor below my seat, I missed this Dean Martin record, just sitting there on that shelf in the back of the bus, chillin’.

That is all. A vinyl record on the bus. Perhaps someone can suggest at the next SFMTA budget meeting installing a turntable on Muni buses?

* The asterisks don’t mean anything, really, other than YAY, GIANTS!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Muni


Amid complaints about literally freezing temps here in the city, Christmas trees are showing up on Muni to complete our certifiable “real winter.” Pics above and below by Keri on the 12-Folsom (AKA the TWAAAAAALVE).

I’ve heard tell of real snow falling to the ground and staying there, or resting festively on the actual Christmas tree as you bring it home. Perhaps we San Franciscans will experience such phenomena this holiday season.
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3-Jackson, 12-Folsom on Muni’s chopping block

Photo by mariposaluna415

Put your public-process hat on, ’cause it’s time to know stuff.

This little story, like many these days, starts on Facebook. Maria posted this on the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

Hey, just got off of 3 Jackson and I saw a notice that said that 3 Jackson was being eliminated from the entire muni system and that there is a petition to save 3 Jackson. Does anyone know what muni document says that 3 Jackson’s being eliminated?


And we were all HWWWWA? Our social channels had nil on it until this point, and I thought, surely, some ire-laced vitriol wrapped in all-caps would’ve wandered our way if this was truth.
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News: 2nd Street and Market is a Big Mess

FiDi is just a clusterfuck this evening. Our own Laura O. (@caltraindiaries) reports that as of 6:40 p.m., Second Street between Market and Mission is a big mess with four stopped Muni busses, a huge semi trying to back out of an alley, and a 12-Folsom mistakenly turned onto the intersection.

Explanation from the Muni operator on scene? A 21-StantonHayes died and that all the buses were “out of air.”

Another photo from Laura:

Out of air? We’ll keep you posted when we get more information.

On the scene? Tweet at us @munidiaries!

Mx. Fix-It Saves the 12-Folsom (and Happy Hour)

Photo: Ian Fuller

100 Muni Stories

Blair stepped up and fixed the bus. No, you guys, they fixed the bus, saving happy hour and some 12-Folsom riders’ sanity.

Rider Blair teased us over on our Facebook Page with “I fixed the 12-Folsom tonight, where’s my cookie?” Well, here’s why I’m getting Blair cookies. Further proof that you should never, ever get between someone and their beer.

The handicapped ramp was stuck on the ground after someone had used it at the 14th and Folsom stop (FoodSlow) and the driver just sat there and called it in, instead of trying to fix it. I finally got up after 10 mins and said ‘did you try to fiddle with it or just stare at it’; he grunted he did not try to fix it. I went outside and looked it over and asked him a few questions, kicked and tugged. He FINALLY tried the button, nothing, I said wait, kicked and pulled again and sure enough…it moved back into place. Everyone was very happy that they did not have to wait for the next 12 (40 mins) and I told the bus driver to try and fix things himself next time. My GF called me out knowing I was headed to meet her and friends for happy hour and that stupid ramp was between me and beer.

We all know that Muni needs a lot of fixing. Have you ever pitched in? Like really fixed it? If so, you might get cookies, too. Spin us a yarn at

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