Best Muni Stories of 2011, Take One

You’ve counted down the best whatever of 2011, but only here will you count down the best Muni stories of 2011! Here’s editor Tara’s favorite story of the year, the giant Styrofoam riding Muni, by rider @RitaBookNews.

Why Tara loved this story: “With WTF-inducing uniqueness and comical enormity, this simple photo had it all. Bonus WTF points for taking a disabled seat on a crowded bus.”

Editor Jeff (and majority-of-the-time the @munidiaries Twitter master) loves “Contagious Laughter on the 33 Stanyan,” submitted by rider Kevin Murphy. Jeff said: “Probably because I’m a big fan of laughing for no real reason. And because so many stone-faced bus rides could use the lightening up. Seriously, had I been on the bus in this diary, I would’ve doubled over and choked and spit and stuff.”

The contagious laughter started out like any other bus ride:

It was Thursday night in the Mission on the first cold evening of the season. I was sitting on the 33 bus heading home from yoga. She gets on at 16th and Mission but I don’t really notice her because I’m listening to Slowdive and looking at whatever my phone is showing me. I only start becoming aware of her when I hear this deep-chested “HA HA HA” laugh. On the third round of “HA HA HA,” I look up to see who’s having such a good time.

She’s sitting mid-bus: a tiny woman in an anorak jacket with the hood pulled up to her chin, giving her a weeble–like look. She’s talking a mile a minute to no one I can see, punctuating her monologue with the “HA HA HA” laugh. It’s a big laugh for such a little lady. There’s a definite twinkle in her eye.

Read the rest of “Contagious Laughter on the 33 Stanyan.”

We’ll return tomorrow with more favorites. Did you read an unforgettable Muni story this year that you think deserve accolades? Drop me a line.

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