3, 2, 1…Happy New Year!

Photo by Maxence Derreumaux

Now that we’re all back in work mode (or slowly but surely finding our way back into it), happy 2012! Max sent us this cool photo, snapped at 12 a.m. on 1/1/12.

This is Muni’s centennial year, making me wonder if it gets self-conscious about big birthdays. What should Muni knock off its bucket list before the big 100 in December?


  • Being on-time 100% of the time…

  • Dympna M. McGorrin Norte via Facebook

    Trying to get to work on NYE was awful. At 9pm it looked like the L was running inbound every hour. Each stop was packed with young people heading downtown. Luckly I was able to take the 29 to Balboa BART. A much quieter ride.

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