Watch Out For Your Parked Bike at BART Stations

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Photo by K. Todd Storch

Vic from MissionMission had his bike stolen on BART last week, even though he did everything right. After reporting the theft, Vic got some advice from BART police.

I took away the following advice from them:

  1. Write down the serial number of your bike. You’ll need it if your bike is ever recovered. Seriously, do it now. Put it in your phone or something.
  2. Powell street BART is most secure. Due to people traffic and location of the bike area, they have had the least amount of theft there.
  3. Don’t park a bike in public for more than a couple of hours if you expect to keep the bike. Get a beater.
  4. Write BART about improving bike security. They don’t listen to the BART cops, they do listen to you. You can do so online here.

Vic also had some great suggestions for BART to improve bike security. Read all about his saga at MissionMission.

What tips do you have for fellow bicyclists?

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