Drunk Man Stabs Another With a Fork on Muni

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Photo by malinky

Another piece of news from the “you can’t make this shit up” files, SF Weekly reports that a drunk passenger stabbed another drunk man on Muni in the nose…with a fork.

From SFWeekly:

According to police, one rider’s tip through North Beach ended in a trip to the hospital after two drunk men got into a brawl, which involved, of all things, a dinner fork.

At about 2:30 a.m., an inebriated man was “yelling and screaming” on the bus, which was traveling along Columbus Avenue. The loud man was getting on his neighbor’s nerves and another drunk man told him to shut the hell up.

And because alcohol, testosterone, and Muni don’t seem to mix well, it wasn’t surprising that the two drunk passengers got into a fight. Instead of pulling out a knife, the suspect brandished a fork and stabbed the victim in the nose.

SFWeekly has the exciting conclusion to this story. Hint: it’s meal-themed.

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