Conversation Bubble Over Bubble Shoes on Muni

Outta-town friend Jeanette snapped this pic while we were on the 22 last weekend. Perfect timing: as Jeff and I foisted her and her husband into the bus, I swore that cool stuff happens on Muni all the time. Lo and behold, yelling guy took the afternoon off and a bunch of nice people, one of whom was sporting these bubble shoes, showed up as if on cue.

Between one guy asking if they were comfortable (A: yes) and my friend wondering about the traction (A: surprisingly traction-y), the 22 shined as a mix of kind, curious, and fashion-forward. Shoe Gal was also a great sport, entertaining questions from four strangers and granting this photo op.

The deets on the footwear: plastic shoes from Brazilian company Melissa. Its proper name is the Melissa + Gaetano Pesce II Shoe, named for the Italian architect and designer.

Bold statement for sure; hot or not? They didn’t float my boat, personally, but these copper versions are growing on me.

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