Hey, a camera on Muni shelters?

Muni rider “D” sent us a photo of what looks like a camera on one of the new “wave” Muni shelters: “Just noticed these cameras at the shelters with the large “video” ads. Kind of Orwellian don’t you think?”

What is that thing? We asked SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose, and it turns out that the camera isn’t watching you, specifically.

“This is a camera, but it is not a surveillance or video camera. Clear Channel uses it to monitor vandalism/graffiti on the digital advertising panels. Only the shelters with digital advertising have them (about 90 right now). The camera takes a photo of the panel every 8 seconds or so and transmits it back to Clear Channel —- it does not take photos of people.”

There you have it. As most riders know, you may be filmed inside the bus, but not in the Muni shelters.


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