Weekend Photos: Muni Lowrider

Photo by Lorcan Keating

He (?) is at least not on the seats. See also: “Would you spend the night in a Muni street car?

We’re planning some cool new features for Muni Diaries in the coming months. Meanwhile, have you been following the better-than-TV stream @munidiaries on Twitter?

My favorite last week:
RT @spiegelmama: Why do I expend such effort not to fart on the bus when it seems nobody else even tries? #opensewer #busreek

So get your fill at @munidiaries @bartdiaries, @caltraindiaries, and @actdiaries!

Enjoy these photos and your weekend!

Photo by Jeremy Whiteman

Photo by Octoferret

Photo by maraby on Instagram

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

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