‘You’re Already Dead!’

Photo by MetaGrrrl

Pull your chairs closer to the campfire, kids. Ariel‘s got a doozy for us.

I’d been on the bus for one stop and already had a lady with face tattoos spit in my face.

The young lady who spat in my face was saying really hateful stuff in another lady’s face, almost making her cry, but nobody was doing anything about it. I had just gotten on and took my ear buds out to hear what she was saying. Just as I did that she spat in the other lady’s face. I put my hand on the tattooed-face lady and said, “Hey!” She spun around and gave me an evil look and said, “You’re already dead!”

I told her to get off the bus and she spat in my face. I tried to keep cool and told her again. She got off and made a big fuss about her bags, then the lady she first spat on had the operator call the cops. Then I saw the spitting lady handcuffed with a mask over her mouth, led into the cop car. We all had to get off the bus, probably so the operator could file a report.

As I told Ariel, the whole “You’re already dead” bit is already giving me nightmares. And I haven’t even gone to sleep. Got a fireside chat to share with your Muni-riding brothers and sisters? Do it here.


  • fermata

    I’ve seen that face-tattooed lady. Well, actually, she’s no lady…

  • EArevallos

    A person/species like that needs to be literally thrown off the bus. They want to act like animals, then they should be treated like that. Fuck em. Every single one of those blood sucking lifeless zombies, I’m tired of it.

  • I have had a few altercations like that, I’m sorry you went through it:( – as a reminder, getting spit on is considered assault (and if it got in an open area, such as your eye or mouth, maybe an attempt by them to infect you with a disease). Although an assault charge in San Francisco won’t keep them in more than 72 hours, if that makes you feel safer, and helps other people by racking up this persons record, it is an option.

    If the spit did get into an open wound, might be worth a doctor visit. The laws in SF make it difficult to get the attacker checked for diseases, so you will not have that information to give to a doctor when they ask.

    In one of the experiences I had, it went into full brawl and I was cut up (long long story). I have some training, so I came out much better than him, but I’m equally surprised how no one really cares – and this was a Saturday, Starbucks, 2pm. But, in America, and as an old psych major, I’m reminded of:

  • loren

    i wonder if it’s the same crazy-assed, tattooed-face woman that used to hang in my neighborhood (i think FINALLY enough people in my hood called the cops on her, i haven’t seen her around in a while). if it is her, she really needs to be locked up for more than a couple days or weeks…

    i have NEVER seen her interact well with other people. i’ve called the cops on her for simply attacking random people on the street, in broad dayight, for no reason. one day i saw her pick up a sandwich-board outside one of the neighborhood cafes, and strike one of the employees with it when he went out to talk to her. i’ve definitely seen her getting kicked off the N train 3 or 4 times.

    unfortunately, her getting arrested (for probably the 30th time) wont do anything… and in a few days she’ll be back at it.

  • D

    Kneecaps, aim a swift kick for the kneecaps like you’re kicking in a door.

    If that doesn’t stop them, then an extended knuckle punch to the windpipe. imagine your arm as a coiled spring, then SNAP it out there.

  • Good to know there’s a few folks out there who stand up for others.

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