45-Union/Stockton Drivers, FTW

Photo by stevendamron

Yesterday on SFGate, C.W. Nevius told a very Muni Diaries-esque story of Susan on his blog.

When Susan Clark got off the 45 bus Tuesday morning she experienced a sinking feeling. Clark says she rides the 45 every day, even goes to the same coffee shop at Union and Fillmore every morning.

But usually when she gets off she remembers her purse.

Susan took a chance and gambled on the kindess of strangers. Read on to see how her risk paid off.

We LURV stories of kindness and lost-objects-found. Like when Kyle’s friend left her purse on a Muni Metro train and got it back. Or when Kim accidentally left her phone on a bus and got it back. Or when Jeremy dropped his work ID on the 33-Stanyan, and the driver returned it to Jeremy’s office.

Whether your Muni story is about rad drivers or, well, whatever it might be, Muni Diaries wants to hear it.

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