Mission Buses Rerouted for Upcoming Street Renovation

The 14, 14L, and 49 buses will be moved from Mission Street to South Van Ness for six months beginning early next month. MissionLocal reports that the reroute will span 14th to 26th streets to make way for roadwork in that area on Mission Street. Above, you’ll find a handy map of the affected area, via Mission Local.

So far, reaction ranges from “Oh, is this what that flier was about?” to “Really? We have to walk to Van Ness, practically the East Bay, to get on and off a bus?”

Thanks, MissionMission!


  • Joe

    That should speed up the 14L somewhat.

  • SVN resident

    I live on South Van Ness, we suffered through 2011 because of streets being repaved and NOW I gotta go through the 24/7 noise from Muni? WTF, move it to Folsom people are used to buses, seriously, no notice was given to residents, this is bullshit!!

  • PISSED OFF SVN Resident

    I agree completely with ^ For the past few weeks this has been ruining my sleep I finally broke down and decided to look into the matter only to find this is going to be the case for SIX MONTHS WTF! I can’t believe how noisy the bus’s are driving up and at all hours of the night. If there is a anyone I could complain to about this in order to spare my sanity and effect change who would it be? Every fucking five minutes if it’s not even 5am and because I can’t sleep I watch the empty buses. PISSED OFF

  • Chris

    I agree. The buses are horrible on a residential street and we need assurance that this is temporary. It is the worst possible scenario.

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