SFMTA Head Considers New Muni Service Cuts

Photo by Katieswall

New Muni service cuts may be on the table for discussion as SFMTA tried to figure out how to bridge its budget deficit, reports SF Appeal. The agency has just approved sprucing up 80 aging buses (via the Examiner). That project costs $12 million — with $12 million in federal and local funding, SFMTA is still $9 million short. SFMTA’s budget deficit shrank this fiscal year, but the agency is still looking at service cuts as an option.

According to SF Appeal:

The transit agency is looking at $19.6 million budget deficit for the new fiscal year, beginning this July, which means that the SFMTA is again considering “right-sizing its service,” as Reiskin described it at the MTA Board meeting Tuesday.

According to the Ex, Tom Nolan, president of the agency’s board of directors, said that potential service reductions seem “like a really good option.”

Muni cut service by 10% in 2010, which led, they say, to savings of $28.8 million. About half of those cuts, they say, were eventually restored.

Hmm. “Right-sizing.” The San Francisco Chronicle also has more on the budget deficit that SFMTA faces this year.

We’ll keep you updated.


  • Wait, so they’re cutting lines but buses will continue to stop every block? When is stop consolidation going to happen??

    Most expensive public transit in the world yet has the worst service which is only getting worse

    • HA

      most expensive in the world? LOL. Worst service? Also really funny. People like you just love to exaggerate things, don’t ya?

  • Instead of fighting the cuts as they keep coming, how about riders go on the offensive? What will it take to get riders to DEMANDING better service?

  • Jose

    How about they, oh, I don’t know, MAKE SURE PEOPLE PAY WHEN THEY GET ON THE DAMN BUS.

  • Susan

    Hmmm.. no mention of the STUPID idea to let all kids ride free…. and that is the way it should continue! I still think the board of supervisors and the board of the sfmta should be required to depend on Muni and ride it daily…… I’m pretty sure we’d finally see REAL ideas to fix their problems then!

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