Muni Rap: I’m on the Bus!

Photo by dawncusackk on Instagram

Local hip-hop artist Satellite High pays tribute to a San Francisco must: Muni, of course. His new song is called “I’m on the Bus!”

And it’s better than a boat.

Here’s what the Satellite High says about the song:

Finding himself on the bus, our hero begins to relax and fantasize about a perfect world, one where he is recognized as a bus superstar and doors open automatically for him wherever he steps.

The bus makes several wrong turns, though, and interrupts our narrator’s reverie as he berates the driver for his carelessness before eventually disembarking at his home.

On Twitter, @rsomething hipped us to the song, which even samples the Cantonese and Spanish versions of Muni announcement.

The album was just released but it has that nice mellow ’90s hip-hop flavor. The full album is an ode to the bus (listen on Satellite High’s Bandcamp page).


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