Bay Citizen: Muni Driver Fired After Harassing 13-Year-Old

Here comes another one from the bad news pile today. The Bay Citizen reports that a “Muni bus operator was fired last fall after he allegedly sexually harassed a 13-year-old passenger.”

More from the Bay Citizen:

Tamika Trammell told The Bay Citizen her daughter ran home crying on July 28 after a driver on the 44 bus line allegedly gave the 13-year-old his number and told her to meet him after work. Trammell said her daughter rode the bus regularly to and from school in the city’s Hunter’s Point neighborhood.

SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose told the Bay Citizen that the San Francisco police investigated the incident and Muni turned over video and audio recordings related to the case. The district attorney decided not to file charges, he told the Bay Citizen. The operator is no longer employed by Muni as of last October, according to Rose.

Hat tip: reader Patricia.

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