Avoid Being Mistaken For a Tourist With TOC One-Fold Map

There are a couple of rookie mistakes that tourists make in San Francisco: wearing a “I Love SF” fleece with shorts, asking a Muni operator for change, or toting around a big unwieldy map. We can’t really help you with the first two, but Eric Meltzer and his team have come up with a map that folds and unfolds with one snap so you won’t look like a dork.

Like this:

Eric says the TOC map that they developed also works great as a Muni map. The map is water proof so you can use it in the rain (or if you dropped your map onto some unidentified liquid on the bus…it’s a possibility).


  • Thats a neat way to fold your maps. I think when I print out my mapquest maps, I will fold them just like this. Great post

  • redseca2

    Better than the maps you see tourists holding every day where the first 75% of the east to west gets you to Van Ness and the rest of the city to ocean beach is squeezed down to nothing.

    I hate when I have to point to an abstract point on their map that is kinda Cole Street on Fell but in the middle of this fringe area on the tourist map and say that is the half way point on the Bay to Breakers.

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