My Name Is Super Muni Man

Photo by @jprrrrrrrrr

Super Muni Man is dressed for all occasions. We found this curious photo via @jprrrrrrrrr on Instagram. Super Muni Man is super awesome and super prepared, with a sporty water bottle and everything in his many cargo pockets as evidenced in the second picture here.

Photo by @jprrrrrrrrr

I don’t know where Super Muni Man is going, but if I am ever stuck in a Muni tunnel, I hope he’s in it with me.


  • Jake

    I saw this dude hanging out at hippie hill all decked out in the same gear a few months ago. He has a few knives as well as a small Gerber hatchet on his person. Dude seems ready for the coming Zombie Apocalypse, or a riot.

  • both scenarios are equally likely!

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