On the Scene: Muni v. Bicyclist Collision

Update (7:37 p.m.): Official word from Muni spokesman Paul Rose has more details on the accident. Take it from the bicyclists among us: be very careful riding on tracks, even if you think you’ve got it under control:

It appears that a bike tire became stuck in track on the street and ejected the cyclist underneath the bus. The cyclist was transported to hospital with what appears to be life-threatening injuries.

Original Post:

A bicyclist was serious injured when his wheels were caught on a Muni track at New Montgomery and Market this afternoon. First alerted by @IRideMUNI, we have eyewitness reports via Twitter from Muni Diaries readers on the scene:

@teklex: Never a good sign when cops are taping up Market Street and Monty, a bus is dark, and there’s a riderless bike propped next to bus.

@msmugler: 2 buses were involved. If memory serves, a 31 and a 38…cops have the whole area taped off. Detectives all over.

@kimcumber: Accident on Market Street. Muni lines rerouted to Mission between Beale and 3rd Street.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that after he caught his wheel on the Muni track, the man fell under a bus:

The bus, an outbound 31 Balboa, rolled over the man at the intersection of Market and New Montgomery streets at about 4:41 p.m. , said San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Agency spokesman Paul Rose.

Outbound Market Street transit is being diverted to Fourth and Mission and inbound to Mission and Third.

Were you on the scene?

Be careful out there, everyone.


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