Idea: Subway Sleeper Car

Why doze off uncomfortably in your seat on the subway when you can take a proper nap in a sleeper car? That’s exactly what Improv Everywhere had in mind when they staged this subway sleeper car stunt. The kindly conductor even offered to tuck sleepers in, and a passenger gladly accepted his offer!

Improv Everywhere has detailed photos of how they set up this entire process late at night on an N train in Astoria.

Last year New Yorkers were also treated to a dinner party on the L. I’m eagerly waiting for the next stunt on Muni/BART/Caltrain!

Thanks to @tbiz for the tip!

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  • Sarah Mitroff

    That is awesome. I would love this on the MUNI. Also, their subway cars look so much cleaner than MUNI’s.

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